Low hash rate MSI Armor RX480 OC

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I was hoping that someone might give me some ideas about why my hash rate is only 18 Mh/s for my RX480. I read that it should get around 22-23 Mh/s out of the box. I know I can modify the bios and tweak the core and voltage, and I will do that. I am just wondering why I am off 20%. Could it be my motherboard? It is an 5 year old LGA1155 board. How much does the motherboard affect hash rate?

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  • matman8171matman8171 Member Posts: 15
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    Thank you for the reply. You are correct. I have OC’d yet. Not have I modified the bios. I did flip the graphics/computing switch in Wattsman and went to 21 Mh/s. Below average for stock but not terribly so.

    That being said, I am unable to OC without Radeon resetting the core speed.

    I have read enough to know that I should be able to over lock and under volt and maintain decent hash rates. However, it seems that any time I try to OC the card, it does not like it.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!

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