Looking for someone to assist with a few questions on a new set up!

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Hey everyone, i am going to be new to crypto mining and are just trying to run by some numbers to see if it is worth it. Have some technical knowledge and have built multiple pc build etc and the mining set ups look easy to get up and running but i am struggling to understand the full hash rate calculation.

I have been looking getting a 6 - 8 GPU rig with either AMD Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB cards or EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING ACX 3.0, 8GB cards.

From what i understand:

Both of these cards will use roughly 150 watts each.
The AMD cards will get roughly 25-30 MH/s each
The EVGA card will get roughly 28-32 MH/s each

The downside of the EVGA cards is they are much more expensive to purchase.

I am still unsure of the most popular motherboard, processor, & power supply to use at this point. Have seen that Ram does not seem to be that big of an issue as long as you have 4GB. And with the OS i dont know if an M.2, SSD or USB is best.

I live in Australia where the cost of power where i am is $0.25 AUD per KWH.

If i say on average each card will get me 27 MH/s this will result in the whole rig pushing around 162Mh/s and i would expect to power usage to be around 1KW.

When using the below calculator i understand this is all on current difficulty and prices it shows the profit is around $2,190 per year.


If someone could possibly help me confirm the above calculations are in the correct range and i have not missed something. Also if you have any suggestions on any hardware i should be heading towards i would appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance!!


  • hankzetankhankzetank Sweden Member Posts: 53
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    Im using the ASRock H81(6gpu) Pro BTC R2.0 and ASRock H110 Pro BTC+(13gpu). Both work fine. A cheap cpu and 4GB ram, but dont forget to set your virtual memory to 16GB or more.

    When I´m solomining the cards use ¨120W at 30mhs and 160W when dualmining with sapphire nitro+ 480/580 4GB.
    You can use anoraks https://anorak.tech/c/downloads to download a modded bios, just check with gpu-z what kind of memory you have.

    Have in mind that we dont know when ETH will hit POS and the mining will stop. It has been said the end of 2018 but now I dont know.
    When all the hashingpower changes to another coin the profit will lower alot.
    So if you do this, do it because you think its fun and you MIGHT earn some money :)
  • BellamyRUFCBellamyRUFC Member Posts: 2
    Yeah have seen the details online which talk about moving to POS, at that point i am unsure of if it is a simple as moving to another cypto to mine or if you then have no hope of making a profit. Will have to look into a few other cryptos and see if it will at least break even. Would really enjoy doing the build but would atleast want to cover cost.
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