Mining Rig Should i Aim to Get

dustyodustyo Member Posts: 2
I was going to go for

ryzen 1700x
8gb ram
8 = 8GB PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Devil,
1600 evga psu
500 ssd


Intel Core i7 8700K, S 1151, Coffee Lake, 6 Core,

ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT, Intel B250, S 1151,
8gb ram
8 of the rx580s
500gb ssd

What Would be Better? or Has anyone Got any Recommendations


  • jakracthetjakracthet Member Posts: 5
    both a bit of waste for minng I would say? you never need a high end cpu for this job......

    RX580 GPU is a good choice though.
  • dustyodustyo Member Posts: 2
    I went with Intel Pentium in the end
  • Dan_NolaDan_Nola Member Posts: 12
    mining is the job of graphic cards, provide good power supply for it run stable is good choice. but cpu, ssd, ram is over kill. cpu buy cheap one 40 will hanlde the job well. ssd 128gb, ram 4gb no more. spend that money on second rig. the more you save, the faster investment return. that what you want. never know what will happen 1 year later, rig can be garbage. so the faster is better alway.
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