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Hi guys, I have just being introduced into the world of cryptocurrency space for almost a week now and with so much interesting stuff to read and listen to, this entire world is already making me go GAGA. I couldn't sleep for a week now, hmmmm. Apparently, I need an ETH rehab to be back on my senses:-)

Reasons for my late entry might be due to family stress consumed most of my last years and distracted me completely from the entire internet world, SAD:-( and other reasons maybe becausethe whole information never reached me and my surroundings. Anyways, would it be possible for anyone in this forum to kindly "sell" me some ETH at an affordable price. Sell is a big word here, cos given the current market price, my cash will be nowhere to get there, ie. ETH for $100 each. Just for me to get started.

Thanks for your reply in advance!
skype: calische
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