Sapphire Nitro+ Hashrate Drop on Memory Overclock

I got a couple of RX 580 Nitro+ cards, all have Elpida memory, and when I overclock the memory over 1900 the hashrate drops by a lot. Even when I get to 1901 the hashrate drops by about 8-10 mhs, the higher I go the more it drops.

When I get to 1950 it crashes immediately.

I see so many others with the Nitro+ going well over 2000 and getting 30+ mhs, it's disappointing. I'm sure it's partially related to the memory but is there anything I can try or do to push the card more?


  • GamingDevilsCCGamingDevilsCC Member Posts: 5
    I'm wondering about this too. I have a RX 580 8GB, with Hynix memory and increasing the memory clock by 1mhz reduces the speed by 8mh/s, until I overclock it to 2250 (250mhz overclock), where the speed is only reduced by 4 mh/s.
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