New decentralized project / contract ideas

decentralpathdecentralpath Member Posts: 1
I am part of a small team of engineers, and we're highly interested in forming a company to build decentralized applications and/or products. We have technical skills (security, cryptography, application development, etc.) and experience growing adoption of new technologies. In short, we're ready and able to dedicate real development resources.

We're currently looking for new ideas that the community would be interested in seeing. They could come in any form...
* New decentralized applications / contracts - financial, gaming, collaboration, storage, etc.
* Products/Services for the Ethereum network - for example, tools for users or developers to make ethereum easier to use, develop, secure ether storage and access (wallets), etc. (Though, the core devs are likely currently focused on this area)

I know some may have a lot of great ideas, but already a full plate of work. Or maybe you're just interested in seeing the community grow. Regardless, we're happy to learn more if you're willing to share.

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