Problem with mining (pangolinminer)

JustMeJustMe Member Posts: 1

I have a pangolinminer 200MH/s for ETH, had some problems with the OS and re-install it to Win10.
However, now I started mining with Claymores Miner and I see that it mines in the CMD, but when I go to my wallet and the tracking, I see that noting is mined.
Like the miner is not working. All the shares are accepted and the speed is 150MH, but nothing is displayed.
The miner uses 8xNVIDIA 1060.
I've started my PC with the same mining script - COPY_PASTE from the miner.
Started it and the graph of the wallet start displaying.

I have no idea what to do.

Before re-installing the windows it worked using "ethminer.exe" I suppose it's "ethminer", but cannot configure it, because an error is displayed.

Could you please give me any suggestions how to fix the problem?

Thank you in advice!
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