RX570 Nitro+ different BIOS rom sizes

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Hi all,

New to mining, have recently built a rig with 8 of these cards...all are Sapphire RX570 nitro+ OC ....4 of them are 4gb Elpida and the other 4 are 8gb Hynix.

I've been attempting to flash BIOS on the 8gb Hynix cards (dual BIOS switched to silent) with no luck whatsoever...not even simply copying the 1750 base straps to 2000 and 2250 has worked....always get the yellow warning triangle in Device Manager after reboot. Using AMD Blockchain Beta drivers on fresh WIn10x64 install, Asus mining expert board.

The bizarre thing is that I get different size bios roms depending on what I use to save the BIOS...256k with GPUz and 512 with ATIflash. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here or how to even proceeed OCing my cards. They are all hashing at about 22mH/s out of the box dual mining with Claymore.



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    Uninstall drivers with DDU from guru3d.com and choose a “Clean and Restart” - then install your AMD blockchain compute drivers and then use the pixel patcher after installing your blockchain compute driver (but before rebooting). Then reboot and wait for any recognition and screen flickering to happen (2-5 minutes) and then check Device Manager again.
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    1. Always use only atiflash to read bios.
    2. Even the same cards (brand, model, partnumber) can have different ROM flash chips with different sizes.
    3. Always store stock ROM in at least two different safe storages.
    4. Use only personal stock ROM for each card to make modding.
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    Thanks for the guidance, will be messing with them tonight.

    Is it OK to flash via risers? I usually disconnect all but the 1 card I'm working on.

    Also I'm considering building a second, smaller rig with nvidia cards (because win10x64 will only support 12 GPUs of the same brand, I've read). 4 x GTX 1070's 8gb OC....is this generally a decent option?
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    oblique said:

    Is it OK to flash via risers? I usually disconnect all but the 1 card I'm working on.

    This is the best way to avoid mistakes.
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    So I flashed 2 cards: 1 saw no change the other hashrate actually dropped. both 8gb nitro+ hynix. When I hooked all 8 back up, they were all mining at the 2nd card's low hashrate. Wattage at the wall was also down proportionately. I'm stumped.

    Process: Uninstall w/ DDU in safemode, reboot, install blockchain beta, patch, reboot, benchmark, flash bios, reboot, benchmark.
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    1. DDU
    2. Let windows update to the latest one - Fall Creator's Update
    3. Download 17.10.3 and install that instead.
    4. When installed, run ati pixel patcher before restart
    5. Right-click from desktop>Radeon Settings>Global Settings>set "compute" settings per card.

    Now for the correct timing straps, use the latest Polaris Bios Editor v1.6.3 with the one-click timing patches. They generally work for 90% of the people who use it.
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    Followed your instructions except started with a fresh install of windows. Updated it completely, installed Creator's. Dropped in a GPU and installed 17.10.3. Was not asked to restart but I patched and rebooted. Set to Compute.

    7 of 8 RX570's are hashing at 18.5 and one ( I think maybe a flashed one) at 21.5 -22 which is what they all used to hash at out of box.
    2 of 2 RX580's are hashing at 19.5-20.

    There are no OC's at all.

    What could be wrong? Why the sudden drop in global hashrate afte rmodding a VBIOS or 2? Is 4gb RAM enough? Should I suck it up and use the ethOS SSD I bought? I know nothing about Linux but was having trouble getting the system to boot up with 8 cards, nevermind 10 or 12. Im on ASUS Mining Expert B250 and a low Pentium.
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    Alright so I noticed that the 'Compute' options werent sticking in Radeon settings. After multitple tries and some reboots all cards are now set to Compute, however now Claymore crashes with 10GPU. It lists the cards and then freezes.
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    Update is that I got the system to work with modded Vbios by applying the mdag patch after adding each GPU. So I installed the drivers initially with only 1 GPU present. Adding 1 card at a time, I would Flash Vbios and patch the driver each time before doing another. The One-click patch from Polaris 1.6.4 was effective in getting an extra 2mh/s out of each card. Ran ethminer for a good few hours after that and all seemed well...the vidcards even released a whole new wave of 'new GPU' aroma haha.

    Anyway after a few hours both ethminer and claymore would hang or severely slow down and I would get the 'video driver has crashed but recovered' message. NOw they crash on startup. What gives? Should I give 17.10.3 another try? I read 8 GPU is the safe limit wndows can handle - does this include the onboard? I have 8 x RX570 and using the onboard graphics for display.
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