Final Rig Setup - advice appreciated to prevent fire xD

Miner8472Miner8472 Member Posts: 109
Ok will try to keep this simple:

EVGA Gold G2 850W
2*GTX 1070 @ 120W each.
3*GTX 1060 @ 85W
1*AMD 100 or possibly125W card.
One of those popular LGA 1150 pentiums 53W power draw.

- PCIE x16 slot taken by R9 270, PCI-E x1 taken by 5 powered risers with molex connectors.

- Perif & 3 Sata slots will have 4 EVGA Perif cables (molex cables). For 2 of these perif cables, each will connect to the molex on 1 GTX 1070 riser and 1 GTX 1060 riser. 1 of the perif cables will connect to the extra molex connectors on the motherboard. The remaining cable would power the riser on the final gtx 1060 as well as the SSD via a molex to sata adapter.

- Each 1070 PCI-E connector will connect to a VGA slot on the PSU via a 8 to 6+2 pin EVGA cable. (so 2 VGA slots total for the 2 1070s).

- Remaining 2 VGA slots will be split using an 8pin to 6+2 pin splitter cable to provide 4* 6pin cables. 3 6 pins will be used for the PCIE connectors on the 1060s and 1 on the AMD card.

Just a bit concerned about splitting the VGA cables.
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