Puzzled how to power 6 vega 64 with 1 psu

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I have done my investigation i just need some help on how to proceed at this point.
My set up is 6x vega 64 with a 1600w p2 by evga psu(fully modular) which comes with 9 vga slots and 5 6pin slots.
It is said the psu unit comes with 4x 8pin to dual 6+2pin connectors (would appreciate if anyone can confirm that).
If that's the case then i will be powering 4 cards with 4dual (8pin to dual 8pin) cables and the last 2 cards with 2 cables for each card.Total vga slots on the psu=8.
In case the psu doesn't have any 8pin to dual 6+2pin i will have to buy some 8pin to dual8pin splitters from a shop someone suggested me called moddiy.com .

My investigation lead me that the 8pin cables can carry as much as 396 watt which is more than enough to power my vega 64 specially since i will modify the bios.

My next step is how to power the risers. I read everywhere that it's not advised to power them using a sata cable but i can't seem to find a way out.
So 6pin sata cable - to riser cable to 6pin end of riser cable. I can use 3 of those to power 3 risers . The 4th && 5th riser would need to be powered from the same sata cable that comes from the psu . The 6th riser and the ssd will be powered from one final sata cable.

Since people claiming the cables could melt and to avoid and fire situation cause i live alone what would be a better way to power those risers? (Can you power them using 6pin to dual6pin cables directly from the psu to the riser? If yes i will need to get some.

What would be the best way to power all 6 cards +the 6 risers, do you agree with my thoughts so far?

Sorry for all the noobie questions but i want to make everything clear in my head so i won't do any stupid mistake and burn down any gpu or whatsort. So i would appreciate if anyone can correct me add any info on this.
I appreciate the knowledge internet people share for free .You are all a bunch of heroes.
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    I don't know about the power cables for the VEGA cards, but i run 3 setups (with RX 580s) with the risers being powered with SATA cables and these run without any problems. The SATA to 4-pin cables even come with the risers.

    Have you got your setup running yet? If so, how much power are the VEGA 64 cards using?
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    is that really possible to run 6 x vega with that power?
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