PLease help!!

miamarine84miamarine84 Member Posts: 3
Need to know one thing have mined fully hooked up power is coming on and all but only shows black screen on monitor only think I could think of is I’m running 6 Radeon rx580 nitro with straight sata power hooked to them do I really need the risers or can i hook up straight to sata?


  • Miner8472Miner8472 Member Posts: 109
    Not entirely sure what the question is tbh.

    You will need risers (and I would advise that these are powered) for the data connection if you don't have enough PCI-E x16 slots on your motherboard. This assumes you have PCI-E x1 slots available.

    The PCI-E power connector on the GPU should come from a PCI-E (VGA) socket on the PSU at least in my case. On my PSU (EVGA G2) you can interchange Molex and SATA but I think VGA is separate. I personally would not power the PSU connector from a SATA socket on any PSU unless I can see clear advice that the power available to both is identical.

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