How long is Geth taking to sync for everyone?

Been over a week for me, Im still at block 4,447,000 and updating by 5 blocks on average every 15 seconds or so!
Is it supposed to take this long? Did we suddenly lose out on a lot of peers?
Any explanations?


  • RedsquirrelRedsquirrel Member Posts: 32
    I lost track but it's been a couple weeks for me. Here's my progress with --fast and --cache=1024. Without those options, after a week it did not even do a single block. eth.syncing was just returning false.

    currentBlock: 4365244,
    highestBlock: 4973836,
    knownStates: 949894,
    pulledStates: 919962,
    startingBlock: 4254193

    Getting there though. I assume with currentBlock is same as highestBlock then it will be done. I hope... lol.
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