I will appreciate donation of Ether or loan of Ether: You will save a life.

mfaisalnadeemmfaisalnadeem Member Posts: 3
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Hi everyone,

I might not be good with words but I just want to explain that I am in very difficult financial situation and I am struggling to keep up with life support by trying to trade in cryptocurrencies. I have some altcoins which I believe will grow over time although I lost some money in ICOs too like kin and airtoken. I will be really thankful to people who could donate/loan me ETH for six months. I promise that I will repay no matter I lose trades or I win. After spending long hours on internet I see opportunities but I can not grasp those due to lack of funds. I will also share my profit which I am sure, I will make as I spent last six months on internet learning about cryptocurrencies. I need little support and I will pray for ones who provide such support in this difficult time.

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