Choose a mining pool correctly

JoanJamesJoanJames Member Posts: 1
In the issue of cryptocurrency, I always ask a programmer for some advice. He was a pro in the blockchain issue when others didnt even know about its existence. When mining stopped to be profitable, I decided to engage in cooperation with mining pools.
I gave my preference to a forward - looking, in my opinion, direction Bitcoin Gold and mining MinerTopia pool. Of course, I couldnt do without a piece of advice of my friend cause his opinion is authoritative for me.
He persuaded me to refuse MinerTopia, because, in his opinion, this project wont last long. As an alternative, he offered a Bulgarian company Mining Now, that also has mining in the pool.
Yesterday, reading the blog of the company, I found out about the shutting down of MinerTopia. Thanks to my friend for dissuading me.
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