Basic question on how smart contracts apply to real-life scenario

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I am very new to blockchains. I am trying to figure out how I can use blockchain in my particular scenario, while trying to learn about it and have some very basic questions.

Business Scenario B purchases product P from A. A charges $x for each unit of P delivered under condition C1 and $y for each unit of P delivered under condition C2. B pays A at the end of a billing cycle.

  1. "The delivery of P by A to B" - can this be considered as a transaction?
  2. My smart contract will probably be defined as "If C1 then rate=$x". A or B can deliver the event ("delivery of P by A to B") to the smart contract to check the condition and determine the action. Will that "event" be equivalent of a block in this case? What will be stored in the blockchain?
  3. How will this "block" be validated? In this case, the event will have parameters to check the condition, but since the event is being submitted by either A or B (untrusted parties), how can a miner validate that the event parameters have not be tampered with?
  4. If A needs to generate an end of billing cycle invoice, should A be reading it from the blockchain? (To showcase the data has not been tampered with)
Thanks in advance.

Regards, Ritwik
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