Hashrate gradually decreasing

Liamray72Liamray72 Member Posts: 1
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Please can someone help with an issue I've been having for about 2 weeks. I started mining about 5/6 weeks ago with 2 gigabyte rx580 8gb cards (hynix memory). I've overclocked to 2150mhz with adjusted timings. I use claymore mining on windows 10 and was getting on average 28mhs per card. About 2 weeks ago this decreased to 27, and a week ago to 26. Now it's currently at 25.5mhs and I've made no changes or updates. Restarting the rig does not resolve this as it just starts at around 25.5 again. I'm not sure what to do. I've tried reinstalling drivers (Ive been using version 17.9.3) and I tried cooling the cards more as another thread suggested and no change ( these cards run fairly high at late 60's degrees Celsius). Please help.


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