Inducing and Introducing Cryptocurrency to Global Governance and Activist movements

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One of the projects i work on is called the JungleHouse, a 'space' project that sees our team set up autonomous spaces around global governance convergences (see conferences/summits) with the aim of being a network hub and free, open space for people to meet, create and share ideas/actions. The JungleHouse has set up these autonomous spaces (with a horizontal consensus-based internal governance policy) at COP17 and Rio+20, and is now setting up in Lima, Peru for COP20 which starts 01December 2014 (in about ten days). This time round, our collective (formed from many countries including Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and South Africa) is setting up a 'Casa de Convergencia' in Lima. The aim of this space is to provide a network hub for activists and civil society that are looking to meet over alternatives and solutions outside of the official process (of global governance that has become compromised and corporatised).

The space is an old house that will become a network hub,containing an art space, conscious food restaurant, citizen radio station, meeting space and general convergence space. It is situated close to the 'Peoples Summit', which is the gathering of civil society, indigenous people and alternative solutions. The space will support this People's Summit, and provide creative guidance and execution for the Global Day of Action. These spaces have proven to be vital in supporting actions and providing a base for collectives to form and articulations/ media to be produced in a collaborative, open space.

I will be helping set up the radio station and helping out in the artspace, but also making presentations and hosting meetings/discussions over cryptocurrencies and more specifically decentralized technologies and its relevance/context for governance. there are not many people carrying these ideas and systems so close to the global governance systems, and so i feel this is a great moment to represent and present the ideas and ideals of decentralized technologies. As part of this mandate , i will be presenting a workshop at the Conference of Youth on decentralized technologies.

SO this post is about seeing how we can use this moment to further extend the discussion and induction of decentralized technologies, and an appeal to the community to help set this up or advise. Here are some ways i figure we can expand:

> registering documents on Proof of Existence
>creating a content coin (LTB-like) to be used on a grassroots-activist website (that still could be developed in time)
> use the components we have confirmed to create a temporary(?) coin that can be used at the eatery, for internet access, to attend events (movies/ pecha kucha style events)

The last option is the ultimate, as it puts crypto into the hands of people to play with and experience first hand. the coin could also be kept and used at the next junglehouse spaces (COP21 - Paris 2015 will most likely be the largest conference in the world).

i am however not technically sussed yet to set this up, and im not even sure if it can work, or makes sense..

so is there anyone out there/here who has some ideas or can offer some support. i am also still raising FUNds to get my wings to fly to Peru from South Africa, so btc donations are fully accepted...

JungleHouse btc address : mj6oiUuHT3Qba4hBhousy4Yio3kpR6G3A7
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