[Multicoin] OnionPool [ETC][ETH] News and Updates

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Greetings everyone:
OnionPool Team would like to share some news and updates with you :)
As you may now we have adapted and become a multicoin pool, currently supporting Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, with more to come in the future.

Ethereum PROP Pool

Our ETH pool works in PROP mode but has some unique measures to ensure our miners well-being, Hoppers and intermittent miners are not welcome and will be severely punished, as they will get a large percent of their shares cut off and added to a special account also know as "hoppers account" which you can check here:
We use these shares to reward our loyal miners when a block is found, Awarding half of the current "hoppers account" value to the miner who finds a block.
Shares cutting is an automated process but we are able to whitelist miners with a relevant like cause, maintenance, moving, etc.
Our main goal here is to establish a firm and stable pool with a loyal community.

Claymore and Ethminer lines if you want to start mining right now:

Claymore: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth.onionpool.com:8008 -ewal 0xWALLET -epsw x

EthMiner: ethminer.exe -F http://eth.onionpool.com:8888// -G

Ethereum Classic PPLNS Pool

Our newest addition. After working some time with our prop ETC server our community asked to switch to the PPLNS variant and so we did.
Currently N equals to 1000 shares but it may need some adjusting during the upcoming weeks to prevent hoppers and benefit our loyal miners.

Command lines:

Claymore: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool etc.onionpool.com:8008 -ewal 0xWALLET -epsw x

EthMiner: ethminer.exe -F http://etc.onionpool.com:8888// -G

If you decide to join our growing community you must know that all updates are posted via Telegram group: https://t.me/onionpool

Hope to see you soon.
OnionPool Team.


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