Etherecash ICO, Brings Lawyer Backed Financial Functions on the Blockchain

EtherecashEtherecash Member Posts: 10
How would you describe financial services today?
Border free? Prejudice free? Hassle free?
I didn’t think so. The question is - why not?
In an age where transparency is practically demanded, then why do we accept anything less, when it comes to our finances and having access to manage them, how and when we want to?
Etherecash ICO is addressing this head on by revolutionizing how we manage and access finance, to bring a decentralized and transparent platform for the three core functions of finance: lending, spending and money transfer. By bringing such services on the blockchain, we can create a more secure, transparent and affordable method of maintaining our finances, while improving accessibility to loans. By delivering a standardized and formalized crypto lending platform that enables lenders and borrowers to connect through a smart contract which will be backed by legal houses worldwide. Connecting Crypto and Fiat currencies in a single platform to enable peer to peer lending backed by crypto.
The Etherecash ecosystem is designed and developed by a highly capable team, where the main platform architects and developers are blockchain experts. The platform focuses mainly on security, speed, and service delivery — a concept well-known among the team members as S3.
If you appreciate transparency, time and money, then you will appreciate the value Etherecash is bringing to the industry. Have confidence in knowing we are supported by legal houses worldwide and we are committed to making this vision a reality.

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