Benefit of education

p2pFuturep2pFuture Member Posts: 11
Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can prosper without education. So, education should be very easy access for all.


  • VIDEOsecureVIDEOsecure Member Posts: 8
    This is really a nice thing you have shared here. Education is really a very important matter to be a developed country. Actually, no nation can prosper without education.
  • CodeQuickCodeQuick Member Posts: 8
    Education is not only the backbone of the nation but also it is the hidden treasure of the country. If a nation is educated, then the whole nation will be benefitted from that.
  • DeclanBryanDeclanBryan Member Posts: 4
    Yes, this is really an interesting question that does not need confirmation, I think. It's like saying that the water is wet. This is perfectly clear from the situation around the world.
  • StasyStasy Member Posts: 6
    There are more benefits to education than simply the piece of paper, although that is indeed one benefit. A university degree is certainly not a job ticket, but it does help.

    Think of education as going to the gym for your brain. It really is a chance to exercise your intellect, creativity, and critical analysis skills in a formal, measured setting. Of course, you need to combine this with some real-world activities or you become the intellectual equivalent of a gym rat.

    Additionally, formal education is itself a type of social networking. As indicated earlier, there are a lot more job opportunities out there (although the $250k + per year would be a bit of an extreme example). While attending a college or university, you are hobnobbing with people who are going to be getting these jobs, or starting companies of their own. If you make a good impression both academically and socially, you stand a good chance of having an inside track on work opportunities in the future.
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