Pool stability, Hashrate/shares, and wallet.

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Over the past few days, I've tried out a few Pools to gain some knowledge of their inner workings. I settled on Nanopool mainly because it was suggested in a guide on these forums, and they pay out 0.2ETH. I run US East.

My rig ATM runs 23Mh/s, and I see a lot of loss through my averages. I'm capable of much more than an average of 18.9Mh/s per day. Whats the point of OC'n to get 4 extra Mh/s if you don't get benefit from it? :D

I was curious if y'all would consider these numbers normal for running in a pool?
Is this would you could consider stable?
Are there pools that handle better "constant" hash rates on average? Suggestions?
Is this just a concession that you have to deal when dealing with lower payouts?

I plan on ordering 3 1070 FTW(1) in a few days, so I wanna be sure I am setup with a pool before I actually pull the trigger. At the very least, use my rig to it's fullest potential.

I am currently setup with Coinbase as my exchange. I use ETH wallet, and BTC wallet (set for testing Nicehash when I first started mining last week). Of course after all this testing back and forth throughout the week, I haven't earned a darn thing, so in truth I have no idea if its even working properly. :/ Right now through Nanopool, I've made 0.01342811 ETH, so I guess I wont find out until the payout *crosses fingers*.

Would you consider using the Coinbase wallet in this way, or would you use another wallet to transfer first, the move it over to Coinbase? Would you do things any different than what I'm currently (trying) to do in regards to the Coinbase exchange? I'd like to be able to deposit earnings into my bank account, credit card, or even paypal. Well, if I actually start making something off this, because I sure haven't seen anything yet. :( I've got long term in mind though.

I love the idea of Nicehash. I feel like it uses my Mh to it's fullest, but from what I understand using it you would lose 30% of your profits due to fees. Not only that, it only pays you in BTC. I see the majority using CLaymore (same here), but is there another program that would more advantage of my full Mh?

What determines how much Mh you use? It is more to do with the program you run, the market itself, and/or your Pool?

I really hope I get some good replies to this. I really want to learn all that I can.

Thanks for the help and sorry for writing a book.

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