How does the pool size and block difficulty affect mining rewards

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I was wondering if someone can tell me how the pool size and difficulty affect the mining rewards.

For instance, the ethermine is bigger than nanopool, but difficulty at ethermine is at 4000 vs 5000 at nanopool.

Will I get more mining rewards for the same time period, if I join the largest pool, or is the size of the pool irrelevant, and it is difficulty that matters?

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    This post somewhat answers my question:

    From my understanding, it is better to join the largest pool with smallest difficulty for better mining.
    I suppose the Ethermine pool is the one to join, but I will also keep in mind that Ethermine charges a fixed transfer fee of 0.001ETH if I set the payout limit to anything smaller than 1ETH, while Nanopool does not.


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