[ANN] Visual SmartContracts & BlockArray - Bringing Barcode & Supply Operations onto Ethereum

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BlockArray is adapting the GS1 standard ONS 2.0.1 for use on the blockchain, and blockchain related services such as the Ethereum Naming Service. We are awaiting our own GS1 Prefix so that users who hold tokens can make issuance under a GS1 Prefix.

Besides adapting the ONS2.0.1 protocol for blockchain use, we are developing a Magento extension so that e-commerce companies can take orders from their website, watch in real time when their order is being processed and delivered, and finally shipped to either a 3rd party fulfillment service (UPS or FedEx via API gateway) or through local delivery (track via our mobile application).

Our MVM/Web UI platform, Visual SmartContracts (www.visualsmartcontracts.com) is used in creating business logic driven smart contracts for private blockchains, and can be used in traditional pubic blockchains like Ethereum.





Pitch Deck:

3 year business plan:
Detailed Project Overview

• What is the purpose of the token?

o The purpose of the token is to allow users to register a identifiable prefix for the issuance and tracking of registered barcodes, much like the GS1 system currently in use globally. We have a GS1 Prefix as well. You will be able to generate a barcode, scan the barcode and be able to have it call an Ethereum Name Service Address or a regular domain name or a smart contract/ token

• Can’t I already make a barcode with a URL in it?
o Yes, but if you want a product to be able to scan with barcode scanners that simply access the Unique Information Data in it (such as a SKU, UPC, etc) you would have to make 2 separate barcodes. GS1 ONS 2.0.1 specifies the scheme to convert a barcodes elemental string into accessible data while still preserving the fundamental asset attributes contained within it.

• What function or utility does it perform?
o User must stake an amount in order to be able to have a identifiable unique prefix. Users who do not will have a generic prefix.

• Is the token absolutely necessary?

o In order to use our API gateway you must have your token in your wallet, as we use your public address as a the API key

• Why does your project need to be on the blockchain?

o Some countries restrict how data for sensitive products, such as weapons or chemical/biological/radioactive items can be stored on computers, such as identifying barcodes data must be hosted in the country and not on a global cloud system. See GS1 ONS 2.0.1 – Political Concerns

• Can you describe a viable economic model behind it?

o Token Holders can stake other users who want a prefix but don’t want buy the necessary amount to get their own prefix.

• Are you creating your own blockchain?

o Yes and No. Private blockchains for businesses that wish to maintain some degree of privacy, and our main protocol which will interact with the Ethereum Blockchain. With our protocol you can generate a barcode that will contain all the data of your product, along with the ability to make a call to the Ethereum Naming Service or a specific Smart Contract/Token.


Start Time: November 28th 2017 at 8:00 p.m. EST
Duration: Three weeks, or 72 hours after the soft cap is exceeded, or immediately when the security cap is reached.
Soft Cap: $10M USD equivalent in ETH
Security Cap: $15M USD equivalent in ETH
Token Supply: 50million total


We have taken numerous steps to ensure a level playing field for all and to try to achieve a wide distribution of district0x Network Token holders.

No whitelisted addresses
No 3rd-party allocations
No bonus structure
70 Gwei max gas price


Corporate Reserves have a VESTING CLIFF of 4 months with a 4 year vesting period after that
Developers have a VESTING CLIFF of 12 months with a 3 year vesting normal vesting period after that
We will try our best not to sell ETH on public markets, we will seek out private accredited investors to exchange the funds for fiat. If we can not we will limit any liquidations to no more than $7500USD per week, with public announcements of any public liquidations and try our best to spread out any negative impact that it may have
Release of any Corporate Reserves once Vesting cliff has passed will be publicly announced and will follow a strict regime of no off loading at once, but rather a gradual wind down of the amount to be sold over the course of time

Global operations need consistent global standards to be applied across their supply chain, and this is only going to become increasingly difficult with legacy enterprise systems and increased legal costs. Laws recently passed like The California Transparency Supply chain Act add additional burdens to businesses trying to comply with the law, coupled with more demands on an increasingly outdated IT system, creates multiple problems for firms.

Our Team & Why Now?
Our team comes from Invert Game Studios. We developed the most popular MVVM for mobile games using the Unity3d Engine. Over the course of 3 years we learned a lot about how people with very little programming experience try and do things, and applied that to designing our systems. Our team has known each other for over 7 years, in fact our co-founders have known each other for 17 years and grew up with each other. We know the demands of a startup and the realistic goals. Our aim is to grow concentrically, aiming for one supply chain then growing outwards.

Twitter: @BlockArrayGroup
Telegram: https://t.me/blockarray
E-mail: [email protected] // [email protected] [These are the best e-mails to reach us at]

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or e-mail us

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