electromagnetic radiation and mining

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didn't see anywhere this mentioned, so... I noticed that wifi quality is extremely low or even totally gone while I'm near my eth farm. Even 3G/4G sucks.
Also, if I mine with a single card in a open case computer very near my wifi router, wifi signal from that router is very short ranged than and pour quality for all my devices. I'm talking meters here. So I would assume all those gpus pilled up (about 20 of them, open shelve) working hard, produce some kind of a electromagnetic radiation?

anyone with similar experiences? I do have some health concerns, what do you think?


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    My miner is right next to my wifi router with no detrimental effect. I do have a mesh system though,
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    It is a very interesting post, which has not been mentioned.

    According to my tests, the total coverage of my cell disappears when I am near a rig. The wifi coverage of the router less signal, so change the room router and pass an etherenet cable to recover the wifi coverage.

    I'm worried for my healt, that radiation o electromagnetic camp should not be good
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    Do you stand next to your microwave while making food? Yeah, me too.

    All kidding aside, I can literally sit my phone next to my wireless router (with no rigs running) and still get buffering issues on video streaming...talk about 2.4ghz congestion. So far, I've been OK. The only thing that's been frying brain cells are the late nights frustratingly tinkering with the mining rigs.
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    When I ramped up my wife was freaking out about EMF’s I was “exposing” us all too. I bought an EMF reader and it wasn’t bad at all. Even if right near a 6 card rig (surprisingly the PSU had the highest reading) it it was like a fraction (like less than 1%) of what a cell phone was reading and we hold those up to our face or in our hands like all day.
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    thanks techman for sharing your findings
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    Tons of rigs in the world run on Wifi adapters w/o any problem, so there's another reason.
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