Have you bricked your GPU? LAST RESORT! RX 580, RX 480

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So this is a story on how I unbricked my card, it may perhaps help someone in my situation.

To make a long story short! I bricked one of my RX580 8gb. I flashed 8 of them and the 9th, fails! So i know it was not the BIOS that was bad.
Note! This model dose not have a BIOS switch.

So i began from the top and tired all the methods that have been described on the web...
* WinFlash
* Flash from CMD
* And the most powerful of them all flashing from a booted dos USB.
* And the Super Man of flashing! BIOS bridge (Vlad did this one)

And Nothing!

So i was thinking to my self! well, that is what you get for playing with fire, you stupid idiot! :neutral: Now you have a 300 dollar brick in your hands!

After crying like a little bitch.. I got in contact with this great you-tuber, called Vlad, a electronics wiz, that is into mining. I told him about my problem, and he offers to helped me. So i sent my GPU to him.
After a couple days, he responds. "Your BIOS chip was faulty.."
I was like "OMG, what?!?! I didn't even know that it was a thing."
Now, perhaps you are asking your self "How in the hell did that happen?". We don´t know. :smile: it may have been faulty from the factory, or maybe it was some thing i did. We just do know.

If you ever have similar problems, take a look at this video and guide your self on how to do it like a "professional fixer" of others mistakes! :smile:
Even if you don't have a problem, just take a look. It will amaze you on all the cool tools he has in his work shop.

BONUS: And in the end of part 2, he will show you how to fix a faulty BIOS chip. It will amaze you on easy it is to fix

Part1 : https://youtu.be/a3kWxFodvSU

Part2: https://youtu.be/3k1Nmc-wmh8

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