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HII Guys
I am pretty new into minning I need a help from you guys as you all are expert in this So basically the promblem is I have a 6gpu minning rig I am using MSI GTX 1070 Armour gpuand MSI Z270-a pro motherboard and two smps one is of 1000watt and second one is 750 watt I am using ethos os for minnig.So the promblem when I started minning in the start few days my each gpu was giving me 27mhs .But suddenly from yesterday one of my gpu the last gpu is giving me on 19.68 mhz I have restarted and rebooted the machine lot of time I have changed all the settings and tried but couldnt find a solution I am minning with ethminer for it If anyone has a answer to this question plz reply


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    Posting... literal pictures... of your fucking monitor... to show the configuration you're using... which is plain text. That has got to be the largest example of just raw stupid I have seen this week.
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    Man, I had the same issue with EthOS - just switch to Perfectmine and you'll see how productivity will go up. I had like +20% hashrate when I switched. Not sure what the issue was, but I guess Perfectmine just automatically works better.

    Also, I had a BAD electricity bill when I used EthOS and then it went down after I started using Perfectmine's power adjuster - really helps to save energy. Hope this helps :)

    Good luck!
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