Investment in Ethereum

I have almost 1 BITCOIN in my zebpay wallet. I want to invest in something similar and more profitable cryptocurrency. I went through and find out its growing heavily. whats your opinion? Should I invest in it? I have rs 3 lakh and I don't want to invest in bitcoin.


  • PINDEXPINDEX Member Posts: 8
    Nope , i advise you to invest in the company already in business will generate a profit in Q1 2018, they have the best music platform out there, connecting musicians and artists with their fans, by using the Blockchain technology to protect digital rights and payments of the Musicians.
  • LucyGLucyG Member Posts: 12
    18 mths ago i purchased 350 eth @ $12 each, now look at the price, i think it still has more room for growth however i am not sure, i think you must be prepared to loose whatever you invest in, everything is a risk :)
  • OliviaBellOliviaBell Member Posts: 4
    Yes, I would suggest you to invest in Ethereum. But the fact is Ethereum network is harder to solve as compared to bitcoin so currently Ethereum mining is costly. However as Ethereum price continues to rise, it could become worthwhile in the future.
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