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Hello Miners

I'd like to introduce our Ethereum Mining-Pool at https://poolmining.org/pool/eth


  • Runs on dedicated hardware (Dual Hex-Core Xeons, 128 GB Ram)
  • Managed by dedicated staff focused on uptime, performance, fairness and timely payouts
  • Pool Fee: 0% (introductory offer)
  • Payout System: PPLNS
  • Payouts: Hourly
  • Minimum Payout: 0.15 ETH
  • Hardfork ready (was one of the first pools actually)
  • Newbie friendly support on UserEcho and Twitter
  • Other supported altcoins: ETC, EXP, XMR, DASH, Litecon
The pool is still very young and has been primarily tested by friends & family over the recent weeks. Nowadays its become quite difficult for younger pools to convince miners to join a new pool with an unproven track-record and much lower hashrate than the established pools. To make it clear, our team is not interested in making a quick profit and then closing up shop at the first sign of trouble as it happened with many other newcomer pools. We are in this for the long run. By joining the pool, you are not only supporting pool itself but the Ecosystem as a whole by helping to decentralize the distribution of hashing-power.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line here or on Twitter or join the pool's Support Site.
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