70% GTX 1070 Power limit safe?

Miner8472Miner8472 Member Posts: 109
I have had my 2 1070s (G1 gaming and EVGA SC) at 80% power limit for a while.

I just reduced the power limit to 70%. I assume this is a safe thing to do? I haven't touched the core frequency and my memory frequency is 8500 (+250 in MSI afterburner).

I am trying to reduce temperatures as much as possible.


  • KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 142
    Safety is not really the issue here, undervolting doesn't damage your GPU but can make it instable if it doesn't get enough power. Less power = less heat so it's not bad to undervolt your card.
  • Miner8472Miner8472 Member Posts: 109
    Ok. I am assuming that when you reduce the power limit the card has built in features to reduce core clocks and voltages simultaneously to appropriate levels. I have heard that undervolting at incorrect frequencies may damage a card.
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