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Each day millions of people gamble in casinos or online. This is clearly a market which rapidly needs innovation and a new way of thinking so that gambling is cheap, anonymous and accessible. Not only that, casinos are also very much limited with business regulations and sometimes outright bans on things.

Clearly, the gambling sector is beginning to stale despite there being huge potential. We at LuxCoin recognize that there is a lack of vision and innovation in gambling.

We’ve had enough. We’re taking control and offering gamblers and casino operators a chance at trying something new.

Our solution to these issues is LuxCoin:

LuxCoin will provide a way for gamblers to transfer money easily and cheaply using the Blockchain. Casino operators will also be able to create games easily while keeping their users secure. Our revolutionary API will allow casino operators to easy deposit money, play a game, and reward or take as necessary.

ICO Information

During our presale & ICO, all of the coins are protected using a smart contract. We do not have control over anything deposited. If the ICO & presale is a failure, the coins will be refunded. If the ICO & presale are a success, you will be rewarded LuxCoin.


February 2016 - Idea created

August 2016 - Development

February 2017 - Marketing Plan

October 2017 - Initial Coin Offering

December 2017 - Exchange

January 2018 - Launch

We're featured at

https://www.icoalert.com/ -- ICOAlert

http://icochecker.com/ -- ICOChecker

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Want to learn more?

http://luxcoin.win -- our homepage

http://luxcoin.win/whitepaper.pdf -- our whitepaper

http://luxcoin.win/invest -- invest

@LuxCoinICO -- our Twitter page
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