Adding more than just SHA3, Future POC

SilentCiceroSilentCicero Toronto, CAMember Posts: 159 ✭✭✭
edited November 2014 in Python Implementation
As the development process moves along will we see more crypto-hashing options?

Right now I see SHA3, any reason for this choice in particular? Could we see potentially Scrypt or X11 here too?

elif op == 'SHA3':
  s0, s1 = stk.pop(), stk.pop()
  if not mem_extend(mem, compustate, op, s0, s1):
    return OUT_OF_GAS
  data = ''.join(map(chr, mem[s0: s0 + s1]))

Not sure if there would be a point to that per say, other than we could create other types of currency with it. More capability.

Cheers, great pycode!


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