RefToken Presale Live (100% Bonus limited to 4300 ETH)

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Morning folks. Sharing some info on our Presale as some of our team are members of this forum and requested that we share them here (if its against the T&Cs please delete).

RefToken is a blockchain marketing platform that aims to connect developers of blockchain apps with site owners and marketers directly (so eliminating middle men such as AdSense and the GDN) and their fees (which are often so high, they're undisclosed to the site owner). The project site is

The project's public prototype is live here: and our POC will be live in a few weeks. We're currently running a presale in order to fund the hiring of more dev resources in order to expand the platform's capabilities.

Our primary target is set to be the affiliate marketing sector. This sector has not evolved in decades, and is dependant on trust-based protocols that are routinely abused. e.g.:

• It is up to merchants upload sales data on which commissions are paid, this leads to skimming. - We will solve this via our wallet that sits between the user and the merchant
• Affiliate fraud is a major issue and costs merchants millions per year - We will solve this via our drag and drop smart contract builder (you can check this out in our prototype) that will allow merchants to make conversions events complex enough that will no longer be financially viable for malicious affiliates to spoof
• Withheld payments by rouge merchants who simply stiff affiliates - We'll prevent this by locking campaign funds in an escrow governed by the above mentioned smart contract.
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