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Hi everyone! I'm Travis Roe, the founder of Assistive Reality (https://aronline.io), a project dedicated to creating AI-focused Augmented and Mixed reality applications. We have a core set of Ethereum capabilities within our product stack. Our company is registered and operates in Australia. At the moment we're conducting an Ethereum ICO and have been doing some media releases and an interview with ICOTalk as well as two more media interviews planned for Sunday, in order to spread the word about our technology as our initial presale comes to an end.

Current funding level: 437.3 ETH (only at presale stage now)
Min target funding level: 3,500 ETH

First, indulge me in a quick marketing image:

and Presale pricing:

1 - Links (video interview,Q&A,website)
Homepage: https://aronline.io/
Whitepaper: https://aronline.io/whitepaper/ (with legal disclaimer included)
Token presale info and instructions download: https://aronline.io/arx-ico-pre-sale-information/
Project aims: https://aronline.io/project-aims/
Team: https://aronline.io/who-is-assistive-reality/
Github: https://github.com/AssistiveReality/ico/

Media releases:
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2217180 [ANN thread]


2 - Our Presale & ICO - I want to get a few quick things out the way first before I talk about the tech, in light of the current 'state' of ICOs: - We are real people, working on a high technology project, usually until 3-4am most nights. Some of our team until very recently still worked full time for major technology firms; for this and other reasons (market timing) we have not been seeking funding until our company concept received strong commercial validation. We recently signed an agreement with a QLD/AU construction firm to implement AR solutions with regard to building & construction projects, and they are releasing to the media soon (Effcon, part of the Mcfadyen Group). We're also in discussions with two government departments looking at AR for their workforce (one is related to law enforcement!). We have looked at VC options but prefer ICO, not for the obvious reason (more control), but instead for the other main reason - community and social engagement. It's hard to replicate the brand and product loyalty owning a part of it all brings! - All of the presale, ICO contracts are heavily reviewed. We've written two other Pre-sale ICOs with floating pricing, and been able to keep gas low, security very high etc.
We posted all our real information, LinkedIn profiles, social (reddit) accounts
We're building a company we're genuinely excited about. Who wouldn't be - full time AR world-wide, and commercial/professional AR!
ONTO the technology.

The fun part!!

We're writing code for multiple hardware devices at once. It forms the base platform we call Spectrum. Spectrum's capabilities are beyond the standard encoded by the device in some cases (we oversample and then use transforms on the result and can pull off some neat things like this!). We will run our apps natively on Hololens (v3,pro), the lower cost MS SDK-licensed devices & of course, ARKit, ARCore and all the collection of smartphones in the world that that encompasses. There are opportunities for our applications, experiences and licensing in the hands of almost everyone in the modern developed world!

We are focused on two core apps at the moment:
World 1

World 1is a consumer-focused always-on AR inteface designed for you to wear at home, in public, or when performing a sporting activity such as cycling or jogging. It will use real-time 3D object recognition to passively identify objects within your world view. If you turn toward after it enters your FOV, or if your focus rests on it sufficiently, World 1 will begin to interact with you. It features an AI assistant that you can personalise upon running the application that will interact with you in a human, natural-language way. The aim is to ensure the AI is psychologically acceptable to you as a human, as a friend or colleague, and will feed you information and assistance in a variety of way, visually and audibly. The AI (which we nickname Arai interally for obv reasons) will even allow you to ask questions and will endeavour to search the internet and provide you with a quick result. It's trained to only retrieve structured data it can understand properly to relay to you.
World 1 is working best at the moment on Hololens. We've put a fair bit of our early development spend into Hololens however we are months into our ARCore engine build and the ARKit build will be notably easier after this is complete.

Profession is an app that allows the user to select their job role on start-up, which then customises the entire app, AI, interface and sensory experience to be fine-tuned for performing that task/set. IT professionals may for example want multiple floating screens with transparency adjust, wall-projections, surface web-browsing, and to do memo functions; while a carpenter may need immediate, accurate point to point measurements. An electronics tech's could find themselves needing to be able to overlay circuit diagrams onto a board while working. In each case, Profession's AI will be able to help.

Profession features a similar underlying architecture to World 1, since they both use our Spectrum AR engine - we are in fact abstracting the hardware slightly by using the common engine's provided APIs. Being able to produce an application that can be retained through a hardware replacement and upgrade is a critical point for enterprises. The process is this: Open the app store. Install Profession, and select any 2 from the available 500+ job roles database. Once you have loaded the job role, the user interface in the field of view will be adjusted to be more appropriate to your selected profession. With your focused AI elements, you can interact with the real world using these focused tools.

We're four people right now. We've got our photos and linkedin profiles in the whitepaper and we are contactable through other media; please feel entirely free to reach out. We aim to expand our company to 8 people within 6 months of completing the ICO, and 14 people within 18 months.

ARX benefits:
1. You can use them to redeem in-app items
2. You can use them to redeem extended trials
3. You can use our redemption smart contract to obtain Early Access to the software, without losing your tokens
4. You can offer your personal ARX tokens as part of the 'corporate pool', which is where ARX tokens required for corporate licenses are applied-from.
5. You can use the ARX tokens to create AR zones inside World 1; for multi-user interaction, allowing paid content to be shared by others, using your ARX tokens!

Please Join us in helping to create the future, with this amazing community of crypto supporters and enthusiasts, and the creativity coming in from the AR/MR 3D design world

Thanks for reading! sorry if any of it is painful. We try to strike a decent balance between marketing and tech, but it doesn't always land of course!


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