Do you know body flying? Now imagine an ICO for it

BFree_ICOBFree_ICO Member Posts: 1
Everybody is interested in a serious ICO for a project which you can track and observe.

That is what we offer to you. An investment in a windtunnel for body flying, which will be phisically exist in the middle of Germany and will also get a worldwide presence.

We did already everything needed to be able to start construction. The whole preparation work for 1.5 million euro is done within the past 4 years. We have the building permit and can start construction.

Do you know how cool bodyflying is? Check out our whitepaper and convince yourselve, this is a serious ICO, able to make something big out of your money.

We offer early movers a discount of 40% in the pre-ICO.

Why you should participate? Cause of....

- The windtunnel market is a fast growing market turning in high profits worldwide
- The project is NOT in baby shoes anymore. We have been working on it since 2013, spent in those 4 years 1.5M EUR and passed the most risky start-up phase.
- High discount of 40% during the pre ICO
- High increase in value
- High risk phase of the project is already passed and completion is imminent
- As a physically existing project, the success of Fly Vision is tangible for all participants

Use this link to view our presentation and participate in this safe but spectacular ICO

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