- Bitcoin & Ethereum Bet Game

Hi there bitcoin talkers we present you the official thread of the game BitTreasure, an interesting twist game where you can earn up to 400x on the easy game and 100000x Your bet on the Hard Game.

The rules are simple.

Choose the bet amount for the bottom bet amount, you can bet from 0.000001 ~ 1 BTC and from 0.000001 to 10 ETH.

After that you start your desired game.

Easy Game
Has 15 tiles ( 5 winning ones and 10 loosing ones ) Your goal is to find as many treasure chests as possible

Hard Game
Has 30 tiles ( 5 winnings ones and 25 loosing ones )

How you win Jackpot
Jackpot can be won no matter the amount you are betting, but is not that easy to find you have a random chance to find it on your game for example if your game was choose to have the jackpot in one of the tiles a MAP will appear in one of the tiles, if you don't click it you won't get the jackpot.

Free Faucet
Enjoy our daily or hourly faucet where you can earn free bitcoins in your account

Deposits and Withdrawals
All deposits and Withdrawals are instantly processed in your account

Fair Provability
The system generates the ticket when you start the game it is not affecting it in any way after start or loosing the game, your game ID will be able to be verified one the verify game ID.
Our game uses simple login by randomly picking where the treasure chests appear, it is all about your luck, more details should be posted soon
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