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Friends, I will share information about a unique project CRYPTAUR
How can I earn money on this!
Take part in the investment project and in the ICO one of the first. To take part in the referral click on the link https://goo.gl/1KLmrM IMPORTANT: enter the referral code 91258ffc

How to make money on this!
Take part in the investment project and in the ICO one of the first. To participate in the referral, go to https://goo.gl/1KLmrM
You can read the official information on the website, but I'll say it in my own words.
On the international market there is a unique startup from the American developers of bitcoin and the founders of many mining farms. It is a platform on the basis of which applications such as "Aliexpress" "Amazon" and similar will be placed and created, but with even greater market coverage and greater opportunities. Not only the sale of goods, for example, applications for joint trips and taxi order, on this platform any application can be built. It has the opportunity to pay for various goods, services, transfer money to friends, generally perform all those financial transactions that we do every day, but without any intermediaries such as banks and any payment systems, which reduces the cost of these goods and services to 50%. is made using a specially developed crypto currency.
The interface of the program is so friendly that users will not even notice that the calculations are done using crypto currency, and we do not need to change our usual financial behavior, bother with courses, stock exchanges, start purses, exchange, etc. In fact, this is a new decentralized economic model of the world. This is a special application platform for the phone and a computer to which you can connect bank cards, electronic wallets, bills and in one click to convert money into the Crypto and vice versa, and just one click to dispose of it. It is also possible to make payment by means of a card and payment systems.

The uniqueness of my proposal is that the company has entered into an alliance with a large international holding company (network company), which has been operating for more than 21 years, in a network of which more than 67,000 distributors have already begun to promote this platform around the world. And here is the main question: how to earn money here ?! Very simple! From August 25 to October 2, pre-sale of tokens (crypto-currencies) is opened at a very low price and with a 40% discount only for distributors of our company! The rest of the world will be able to invest from October 1 and with a 40% discount just one day. Further the discount essentially decreases to 0. In January, after an output on the Swiss stock exchange Bitcoin Suisse AG the cost of these tokens will increase many times, and will continue to grow.
For example, bitcoin rose from 80 cents to more than $ 4,100. In our new crypto currency, the shortcomings and imperfections that are present in bitcoin are eliminated, which will make this currency accessible to everyone who has a smartphone and is even more convenient and common and promising. There is also a system of rewards (up to 20% for 4 levels down immediately to the account !!!!) for an invitation to use and invest in this platform through referral links, just for the representatives of the company, because such a large company undertook the promotion.
But that is not all! There is also a system of residual income, remuneration will always be paid! While people invited by you and your partners will make purchases, pay for various services, etc. that is, making transactions. It is an opportunity for a short period of time to provide for your whole life with money and free time!
How to make money! To buy CPT Cryptaur tokens at a fixed price for $ 1 - 166.67 tokens will be available for a month, until September 30, 2017 + to participate in the referral program.
Since December 2017, the received volume of CPT tokens will be placed on the exchange.
Those wishing to participate in the project on favorable terms, you must use the referral link https://wallet.cryptaur.com/syndicates/join/91258ffc/ IMPORTANT: enter the referral code 91258ffc

The details of http://profitinvestcentr.ru

Share your referral link with friends and friends ....

Participate in the division of the pie of the new world economy!

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