Ethereum Wallet stops updating node

Hi everyone,
I have quite a specific problem. I am using Ethereum Wallet. I have sent Ether to my address and it I can see it has arrived in etherscan. However, I cannot update the node as after maybe 1000 blocks it stops updating. It seems to be after a similar interval of blocks/time. I can manually restart the wallet and continue to download another chunk but this is very time intensive and cumbersome. Of course I would like to leave it to download for days. But after only several minutes it gets stuck. Here are some screens showing the process.
Is there any way I could perhaps move my wallet file to use with another wallet that does not need to download the entire blockchain? Or ideally is there another way to download it or get my client to update correctly? I am a little worried that when the time comes to move Eth, I will have forgotten my password (I am pretty certain I know it but am worried it may be an interation I could forget).

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