RAIDEN - Eth to $2k?

samjankussamjankus Member Posts: 100
Pretty cool... anyone else hear more about this? $2k sounds good to me :p

Currently, the Ether network has the capacity to process 20 transactions per second. This capacity is twice as much as Bitcoin can process. The Raiden Network is building an off-chain solution for Ethereum transaction which scales linearly with the number of participants by which network could handle over 1,000,000 transactions per second in future. Additionally, it will allow decreasing transaction cost by seven orders of magnitude, making true micro-transactions on Ethereum a reality.
In order to make transfers, one Raiden node communicates with the other by extending along an Ethereum node. Similarly, in order for the management of Ethereum deposits, a Raiden node communicates with the blockchain of Ethereum. In a report, Cointelegraph has already published that Ethereum (ETH) price may rise up to $2,000 if this happens.
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