Beware of the numerous phishing exchange websites that steal your Ether!

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Hi everyone.
I want to warn all of you to take care when visiting / trading on exchanges.
You want to take extra care when concerning some exchanges like Ether Delta who has an enormous amount of phishing websites.
They are all listed in the top of the Google Search results and will instantly steal all the Ether listed in the account you use.
They are an exact copy (in case of Ether Delta anyways) this is very easy for the hackers to make because Ether Delta is a completely open source Github project.
Their URL's are only off by 1 character and they are "secure https with certificate" so the best way to avoid the scams is bookmarking the real websites and abandoning the Google Search tool for good.
If you want to read more info on these scams and want to see what happened in my scenario please visit my steemit article below with way more details on the matter.

Take care!


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