N00b Miner Looking for Some Quick Answers

gordonashgordonash Member Posts: 1
Wanted to have a little play with mining but its not something im going to do permanently so just wondered if anyone could give me some idea on when i will get paid so i can quit :)

Currently using ethermine.org and hashing at around 13.8 MH/s 24/7 for a few days now.

I have absolutely no clue how the payout system works and thats AFTER reading the faq.

Just looking to work out if its going to be days or weeks etc, i would quit now but seems a bit of a waste to leave before first payout.

Thanks for any help offered.

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  • shavillshavill Los AngelesMember Posts: 16
    edited September 2017
    nanopool offers payouts at .05 eth which is the lowest I've found. I'm mining on dual 1070s at an average of 61mh/s and an .05 will pay every 3-4 days. So, at 14 it'll pay every 18 days or so at current difficulty. Once a payout is made you can go to etherscan.io and input your address to confirm the transaction. How fast the transaction takes also depends on your gas settings.
  • josh5901josh5901 Member Posts: 38
    edited September 2017
    Ethermine.org pool's lowest payout is .1. if you take out less than 1 eth they charge .001 eth so it's a matter of 25 to 30,maybe 40 CENTS, not a big deal. I'm not sure if they are that great compared to others though. Been using em for a little over 2 months but always seeing the "average effective hashrate" 3 or 4 mh under what your miner is doing sorta pisses me off. I know it's not much but still. All pools may do that for all i know. I'll probably switch 10/1 to test a different pool out or maybe even run ethos or simplemining(whatever the linux based plug n play miners are). Since you're only mining a VERY small hashrate i would suggest what @shavill recommends.
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