Camelgram (POS) ICO - Blockchain POS network to solve Last Mile issue for crypto

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Dear Community,

Camelgram has been working on solving Crypto-assets' "Last Mile" problem for the last 3 years and need your assistance to move from POC stage to production, build-out and roll-out.

We are building a blockchain POS network to help merchants to participating in the rapid growth of digital assets and enable digital asset holders to spend effortlessly.
( ICO Profile: )

You are welcome read our whitepaper at We are a credible team with long time advisors coming from Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Several team members have prior working experience in financial sectors.

To participate, you need to first obtain either ETH or BTC token, and wire your token to designated address at

Camelgram BTC address: 1JKqdmnsdhPHVRuyFogfp1PGiSGkpJQhrk
Camelgram ETH address: 0x272Fb9B76F9C86A8BC00A72464EE9D1106a5A47e

once wired your token to Camelgram's designated address, please email a screenshot of the transaction to [email protected]

We thank you for your kind assistance and look forward to grow with blockchain and the community.


“Camel. Go far, Go Steady, and Go in Peace!”
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