Headless server, any commands to play with?

RolandRoland South Tyrol, ItalyMember Posts: 26 ✭✭
Got it running...

Opened blockchain db. Latest: 0906dae3e53047ca76ed0603d48a9edadfd21f0efea5d5fd2437037c7cd1ad5a
Address: = [LOCAL]
Address: = [PEER]
Address: = [PEER]
TB : init_upnp()
Listening on local port 30303 (public:
Mode: PeerServer
Initialising: latest=0906dae3e53047ca76ed0603d48a9edadfd21f0efea5d5fd2437037c7cd1ad5a

And now?
How does it mine?
nothing is logged anymore...


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