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X8X pre-ICO

Initial Coin/Token Offer for FinTech X8X Ethereum Token

Executive Summary

X8X Token will be issued in several investment phases to raise funds for upgrading online Portfolio Risk Management Platform, establishing a stable cryptocurrency named X8currency (short X8C) and provide an initial trading capital.
X8X will be issued in a limited amount (ICO only) as a standard ERC-20 Ethereum Token, tradeable on online crypto exchanges.

Private placement phase is already concluded. Investment phases are scheduled:
1. Limited listed pre-ICO phase (12.9.2017 5:00 PM CEST)
2. Unlimited listed pre-ICO phase (13.9.2017 5:00 PM CEST)
3. Unlimited ICO phase (14.9.2017 5:00 PM CEST)

To participate in pre-ICO phases, you must be enlisted in a Priority Pass™ on Cofound.it platform. How to enlist.
You must own at least 5000 CFI (Cofoundit tokens) on the Ethereum Address in order to enlist it on the Priority Pass™. X8X Tokens can be bought with Ethereum (ETH).
The Priority Pass™ stops excepting new members 4 days before the crowdsale. Therefore if you want to be a part of the X8 revolution in the presale you have to join Priority Pass™ until 8th of September 5:00 PM CEST.

ICO target: minimum threshold: 8 million EUR; maximum cap: 14,7 million EUR (in equivalent ETH amount).
ICO offer price: 0,10€ per X8X Token

Important explanations
Pains and solutions
ICO funds distribution

Short description
All professional crypto investors or crowdsale projects founders experienced the fear and fury of extreme volatility in cryptocurrencies markets. The solution is a technology from the “old business”: portfolio risk management. And you can become the part of the revolution in the pre-sale on the 12th of September at 5PM CEST.

X8 project is connecting the “old business mentality” with the blockchain world by offering investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen a solution that disperses their crypto wealth into gold and 8 fiat currencies like Dollar and Euro.

Our main weapons in the fight against against volatility are a portfolio risk management platform and our own special cryptocurrency called X8C. We’re building a safe, scalable and secure currency system for the distributed future.

But we need your help to make the revolution happen:

The first early adopters have already joined us in a private placement phase.
You can became a part of the revolution in the pre-sale phase on the 12th of September at 5PM CEST and on the 13th of September at 5PM CEST. Both days only members of the X8 whitelist and Cofound.it Priority Pass™ will be able to buy tokens in a limited amount (first day) and in an unlimited amount (second day).
On 14th of September at 5PM CEST we will open the crowdsale to the general public if the pre-sale doesn’t fully sell out. If you do not want to miss out we recommend you become a Cofound.it Priority Pass™ member.


For more information about the revolution in the cryptoworld check our website or Cofound.it presentation page, Medium page or join our public X8 Telegram channel and X8 Slack channel, where your questions will be answered within hours.

X8 Team
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