WeiMixer Ethereum Mixer

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Fast and secure Ethereum Mixer

Why you should use WeiMixer.com?

We require only 1 confirmations from the Ethereum network
Signed message to provide security for users
Coins for your transaction are already waiting for you even before you even send us anything
You can choose the fee yourself for improved privacy
No taint
High reserve of coins waiting for you
Mobile website

How to use WeiMixer.com?

Step 1:
Input Ethereum address to which you want to receive mixed Ethereum coins

Step 2:
Make a payment to the shown address and wait for 1 confirmation
It's good idea to also save Signed message at least until you receive your payment

Step 3:
You can now close the mixing page or just wait if you sent coins you will receive coins to
your address that you provided in Step 1
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