Reported and calcuated Hashrate on Nanopool

cpuman990cpuman990 Member Posts: 1
Hi guys,
I got 6 GTX 1070 for dualmining Ethereum and Siacoin with claymore dual miner.
My reported Hashrate is around 192 mh/s for Ethereum. My memory is set to +750 mhz on msi afterburner and 90 % TDP. Now it is working stable for like 4 days. The problem is that my average calculated hashrate only is around 175 mh/s on Nanopool. Is that normal or could it have to do something with the memory overclock because from time to time there are also drops of the reported hashrate on Nanopool.
Thanks in advance !


  • parenzoparenzo Member Posts: 23
    edited August 2017
    yeah,happens to me,it never calculate exact hasrate,think somebody already posted that we dont have to wrry about calculated hasrate,only reported but not 100% sure tho
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