Electric engineers here? Power conditioning problem

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I hope we have some engineers on the forum. I can't really see any good solutions. Need an advice.

My power supply is real flaky. I have APC regulator for my desktop and it clicks few times a week. And during thunderstorms it clicks more often.

So there are 2 problems - voltage variations which happen 24/7 at different degrees and thunderstorm spikes.

Now I want to protect the rig I am building and I found that the best regulator I can get is 92% efficient. It really screws all my economic formulas up.

Any advice how can I resolve this?

What would happen if I just put a proper surge protection against thunderstorm spikes and ignore variation of voltage during regular days? Are surge protectors 100% efficient? (I think yes but would like to check)

As an extreme - I don't mind risking the PSUS to burn but want to preserve the cards and the motherboard as much as feasible
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