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Hello All,

We have recently put together a series of social media communities to create conversation around blockchain networks and Ethereum, not just bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies and applications that can be built with this technology. I thought to post this here because there are many who may find these communities to be of value for networking, sharing information, and discussions.

We currently have 3 groups -- LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ under the name "Blockchain Networks" and are looking to put together a self-hosted forum for further conversations. Here are our groups you can join.

Blockchain Networks LinkedIn -- Request Invite

Blockchain Networks Facebook -- Open to all

Blockchain Networks Google+ -- Open Community

If you have any questions about these groups, or want to help in their development, post here! Also if you think these groups may have some value for fellow bitcoiners and Ethereum developers, then please share it with your networks and invite others!
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