My rig - NVIDIA 1070 mining

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ASUS Prime Z270-A (latest BIOS) (search Youtube for "Asus Z270-A / AR Walkthrough for 6+ crypto rig stability" for BIOS settings)
8GB Memory
Seasonic 850w PSU (pulling 600w from the wall)
4x PNY NVIDIA 1070 FE (Samsung memory)
2x PNY NVIDIA 1070 XLR8-OC (Micron memory)

OS: Windows 10 (Creator's)
Set power options in Control Panel to "High Performance"
Set Virtual memory size to 16GB

NVIDIA driver (latest)
CUDA 8 (latest)
Claymore's Miner v9.8 (Ethereum mining only)
MSI Afterburner
- Memory: +800Mhz
- Core clock: underclocked as low as it can go
- Power: 80%
- Fan Speed: Auto

Hashrate: ~ 32Mh/s across all 6 cards (189-196Mh/s).

Just throwing this out there for those who want to know. Any further optimizations suggestions welcomed.


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