Paging ÐΞV Core Team- May I humbly ask you a question?

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It seems plausible (especially with the new "solidity" language) that the LLL language is going out of favor... though my hunch might be wrong. would be really useful for me at this moment to have some odds on how likely it is that LLL compilation will still be enabled in the production ethereum tools- Right now my work is at a cross point and I need to know which strategy to adopt vis a vis my toolchain... I would totally understand if you guys/gals need to start to deprecate some of the less-popular syntaxes, that is totally OK.

Would you mind giving an estimate on how likely it is that my LLL contracts will compile in ethereum production? Is it 100% likely? 0% likely? Something inbetween?

Thanks for any info!

-Conrad Barski


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