Difficulty is ... shrinking? Someone explain..

FirstnameBeauFirstnameBeau Member Posts: 29
My measurement of the growing difficulty of ethereum has been to go to the cryptocompare eth profit calculator and using the same variables, measure how many coins it estimates I will obtain per month.

This seems to have worked over the last month or so since it would go from say number of coins earned per month was .8541 to .8411 to .8389, and lower, and lower, showing the number of coins I would gain with the same hashpower becoming less over time... made sense - more difficulty right?

The last week or 2 though, the number of coins to be gained has grown. It was stale for a few days at like .8114, but then the other day it read .8264, and today it's reading .8360...

Is there an explanation for this - like does difficulty fluctuate? I thought it was something that only grew over time...
I know they (ETH) pushed the difficulty hike, and lowered the reward (3 ETH per block), but I don't think this has anything to do with it? still I thought difficulty would only grow - albeit slower - not go backwards?
Does cryptocompare measure difficulty?
Am I accurate to correlate difficulty with the amount of coins (estimated) to be obtained with said hashpower?

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